Chisel team NUvention Web 2013NUvention is our flagship interdisciplinary course and forms the cornerstone of our goals as a center. It is a visionary academic partnership created to expand upon Northwestern University's excellence in interdisciplinary study and to foster a sense of collaboration throughout Northwestern's various schools. The program is designed to expose students to the entire innovation and entrepreneurial life cycle and to help them understand how innovations can become a viable business in the real world. And, it's Northwestern's most concerted effort to bring the world of startups to the classroom.

NUvention is currently offered through the following six tracks: 

  • NUvention: Energy responds to the demand for innovation and entrepreneurship in the sustainable energy and clean tech space, which will increasingly be required to deal with climate change, resource constraint, and other environmental challenges.
  • NUvention: Impact is an interdisciplinary experiential learning program designed to expose students to the design and launch of market-based ventures that address unmet needs in resource limited settings.
  • NUvention: Medical is a two-quarter interdisciplinary course designed to create opportunities for students to create new medical technologies and then build businesses around their innovations. Apply Now!
  • NUvention: Nano offers student teams the opportunity to work with an NU faculty member on commercializing a technology the faculty member believes has potential. Apply Now!
  • NUvention: Web is an experiential learning program designed to expose students to the entire product and business development life cycle for a software company.
  • NUvention: Analytics is a unique course designed to create opportunities for students to create new analytics technologies and then build businesses around their innovations. 

To learn how to propose an NUvention course, download the NUvention Guidelines & Approval Process sheet.


Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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