Undergraduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship

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Certificate Recipients

The requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate involve 4 classes. Classes include:

Foundational Courses (substitutions can be made but must be approved by Farley Center):

  • ENTREP 225 Principles of Entrepreneurship and/or
  • ENTREP 325 Engineering Entrepreneurship

Three or Four (depending on your foundational class choices) of the following options:

  • NUvention Classes
    • ENTREP 495/BMD_ENG 495 NUvention: Medical (counts as 2 classes) 
    • ENTREP 430, ISEN 430 NUvention: Energy
    • ENTREP 495/EECS 473 NUvention: Web + Media (counts as 2 classes)
    • ENTREP 495/DSGN 495 NUvention: Impact
    • ENTREP 490: NUvention: Nanotechnology
    • ENTREP 495: NUvention: Analytics
    • ENTREP 495: NUvention: Arts
  • ENTREP 380: Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • ENTREP 395: Special Topics In Entrepreneurship: Selling and Scaling
  • ENTREP 395: Entrepreneurial Leadership & Decision-Making Dynamics
  • Independent study with Farley faculty focused on a student idea or INVO (NU Innovation and New Ventures Office) technology and/or a graduate level class focused on a technology the student is interested in commercializing
  • WCAS Economics/BIP class (Requires prior approval from Farley Center)
  • Segal 300 series design class (Requires prior approval from Farley Center)
  • Internship with an early-stage company (Requires prior approval from Farley Center and McCormick Career Development)

Students pursuing the Certificate must recognize that the completion of the Certificate will involve completing courses in addition to those required for their degree and may extend their degree completion date by at least one quarter.

Classes required for the Certificate cannot also be applied towards a student’s core major/minor degree requirements.

The target audience the program are students that plan to pursue entrepreneurship at some point in their career. For those students focused on research, the Certificate would be a great skillset compliment for research that is at the point where traditional funding sources no longer exist and commercialization is the next logical step.

For students planning to join or create a start-up prior to or upon graduation, the Certificate is designed to provide the requisite skillsets to complement the learning acquired within the degree area. The Certificate is not meant as a replacement for graduate study in business but is designed for those students looking to build greater competency in business skills to successfully launch or be part of a start-up team.


Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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